Canadians racked up $100 billion in credit card debt for first time ever and they’re not done adding to it

Canadians will likely see a slight increase in debt and delinquencies next year, particularly in Western provinces hit by downturns in the oil and farming industries, according to a new report by a consumer credit reporting agency. The average Canadian’s non-mortgage debt may increase by 1 per cent to $31,531 by the end of 2020, […]

Is the cheque disappearing any time soon?

How Canadians interact with money – both physical and digital – is changing as financial technology evolves. The options available to Canadians to make payments have never been more plentiful: from cash, credit cards, Interac and e-mail transfers, to a growing number of mobile payment apps. And yet last year, 875 million payments in this[…..]

50% of Canadians face insolvency amid ‘debt hopelessness’: Survey

Half of Canadians are on the verge of insolvency, according to a survey on household debt levels in this country. The latest MNP Consumer Debt Index published Monday shows 50 per cent of respondents said they’re within $200 of not being able to cover their monthly bills, and nearly an equal proportion of participants in[…..]