Virtual Terminal

Accept Payments Anywhere in the World!

PayLite’s virtual terminal allows you to securely process card transactions online from anywhere you have access to the internet.  It’s as simple as that.

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Recurring Payments


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Logging into your PayLite virtual terminal will allow you to process mail-orders, telephone orders and fax orders (who uses fax anyways?) from anywhere with internet access.

  • You can process sales, refunds, voids, pre-auths, and settle your batches automatically or manually.
  • Some advanced features include – setting up customer profiles, card updater, installment payments, and recurring billing.
  • Administrative features include – user entitlements, sales/customer analytics, and fraud prevention.
  • Compatible with the IPP320 pinpad.

Accept Payments Remotely

You’re servicing a customer away from the office and want to accept their payment on the spot? Simply login to your virtual terminal, key in their card info, and bingo-bango it’s payday for you!

Additional Benefits

Product Catalogue
Manage your products from one central location by creating descriptions, categories, and uploading pics.

Customer Management
Create profiles for your customers so that you have their card info on file and remain PCI compliant.

Reporting on the Fly
Run different reports from any device in order to better understand the trends in your business.

Capture Recurring Payments
Life should be easy – Setup recurring payments, subscriptions or installment plans. The virtual terminal will let you know when you get paid.

virtual terminal
Can I accept in person payments?

Yes. The Virtual Terminal integrates with the Ingenico IPP320 Pinpad.

Premium Features

Online Invoicing
Send invoices to your customers and have them pay with a few clicks.

Protect your customer’s sensitive card data by replacing it automatically with a randomly generated number.


1. What is this Virtual Terminal of which you speak?

A virtual terminal is essentially a replacement of a physical pinpad.  You can login to your virtual terminal through your computer, phone, or tablet.

2. Can I use this virtual terminal on my phone? Tablet? Computer?

You can use the virtual terminal on any computer with internet access, IOS or Android device.

3. What cards can be charged?

You can accept all major credit cards with the virtual terminal (including Visa Debit).  For Interac transactions you’ll need to pair it with one of our supported pinpads.