Online payment processing

Selling Online is easy.


Ideal For

Electronic Retailers

Automobile Dealerships

Retail Stores


What you get with your ecommerce account:

  • Free Virtual Terminal
  • Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Reports and Analytics

Premium Feature


Protects your customer’s sensitive card data by replacing it automatically with a randomly generated number.


1. Which solution is best for me?

If you are using an existing shopping cart such as BigCommerce we can provide a simple integration to our Shopping Cart.

If you are not using a shopping cart but want to have a custom look and feel to your checkout, you can use our Custom Payment Page.

If you have access to a sophisticated developer with an advanced understanding of coding and APIs, you can use our Developer API to customize integrations with your software.

2. If I already have a shopping cart, why do I need PayLite?

Shopping carts allow you to collect payments from your customers, but you still need a payment processor to process that transaction.  PayLite’s ecommerce solution easily facilitates these transactions in a way that goes easy on your wallet.

3. Are there any limits to the number of users? Can I give each user different entitlements?

You can have up to 5,000 users on PayLite’s ecommerce platform and can assign each user varying levels of entitlements.